has the best emulators for all types of games. they work on any computer. you should check it out

i will, thank youu

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There's gameboy emulators where you can play pokemon and the like on your phone.

i tried to find one but none worked

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I am unfollowing because you have the kim kardashian app.

foreverunbound99 asked:
Sorry for these random questions, what games do you like other than cod and gta?

pokemon was a huge one when i was younger. also donkey kong, pitfall, and castlevania. my gameboys broken now so i cant play any of them -_-

Anonymous asked:
How did u get side stage seats for the Mayhem fest and did you ever meet the guys?!? Overall how was your experience....

i got the tickets through a charity auction that was on ebay a few months back. i didnt meet anyone, except zack and arin’s gfs. me and matt said hi to each other but i didnt stop him to take pictures or anything. it was really fun.

Alright the stream is done. for anyone who missed it or wants to listen, the playlist is here 

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that is why this is the best thing ever lol theblackenedmoon(.)tumblr(.)com/post/93385517942/happy-33rd-birthday-m-shadows-you-fantastic

OH MY GODDD How did I not see this already

Matt's Birthday Mix - Streaming Now

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Happy 33rd Birthday, Matthew.
We love you! 

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I know the whole Barbie girl thing is old but honestly just imagine Matt jamming out to that song.

Matt's Birthday Mix - Streaming Now