"Die, Die My Darling" (Misfits cover) - Metallica ft. Avenged Sevenfold & Trivium

  1. My dog (a pug) her vet bill just for her ears to be checked and antibiotics and a shot was like $150. I know blood work being done costs extra. That’s probably about right.
  2. susan-vengeance replied to your post:this is really random but i just got a 264 dollar… You’re definitely getting ripped off but that’s how the vet is. My pomeranian got her nails clipped once and it was like $200. I’m pretty sure you could bring your dog in to say hi to the vet and you’d get a $150 visiting fee lmfao they suck.
ugh. i went there a year ago for the same problem, and paid 80 bucks for all the medicines and what not. even with heart worm pills included. they didnt even cut her nails this time and it just doesnt add up -____- 

this is really random but i just got a 264 dollar bill for a fifteen minute vet visit with my dog who got two shots, a blood sample, and ear drops and antibiotics. can someone tell me if this is reasonable cause i feel like im getting ripped off??

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IMO Pinkpop 2014 they were better. Especially during the new songs. I saw them at download too. Plus wasn't there good editing, vocal 'tempering', good cameras and etc to make it good enough for dvd?

im sure they did all kinds of stuff for the lbc dvd for it to sound good but i just meant the band themselves, not necessarily the way they sounded. they still sound great

Watching live in the lbc is just sad now cause they are so not like that anymore

"We Come Out At Night" - Live at the Ventura Theater - 2004.

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Live now

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